Keita Itō (伊藤 啓太 Itō Keita) is the main protagonist of the Gakuen Heaven Manga and Anime. During the middle of the school year, he received a letter of admission from Bell Liberty Academy and the only skill he thought he had was luck, but he seems to have forgotten who Kazuki Endō is really.


Keita is an average height student with auburn hair sticking out in the front and large soft, light blue eyes. He wears a red and yellow uniform with a white collared shirt underneath and black tie.


Though he seems to be an average guy without any sort of special skills, Keita has a warm and friendly personality towards his fellow friends.

He appears downtrodden when he is told he is not needed at the academy. Stating he was anxious before and worried when arriving at school, his concerns evaporate when with Kazuki.


Keita is a young child crying as he asks someone not to go.

Older, he has received a letter of enrolment to Bell Liberty School. Taking the train he wonders what type of school it is, and why it would let someone like him in.

Regaining consciousness, he is embraced by Kazuki and remembers the feeling from somewhere. Viewing the cityscape in the evening, he remembers he needs to see Tetsuya.

On the way, he is trapped in a storage shed and freed by Hideaki. About to be kissed by Yukihiko, Keita is spirited away by bicycle with Kazuki's return, now happy and feeling he can make it at school with Kazuki having befriended him.


Kazuki Endō

Not recognizing him when he transfers schools, he considers Kazuki his first friend and thinks fondly of him. Laughing, he describes him like his grandma that he tries to take care of him too much.

Tetsuya Niwa

Hideaki Nakajima

The Vice President of the student council who frees Keita when he is trapped within a storage shed. He describes him as sharp and thinks he looks cool. Keita does feel unnerved at feeling that Hideaki can see through anything.

Yukihiko Naruse

The captain of the tennis team, he appears dizzy and conscious that people are staring when Yukihiko asks him to dinner having taken a liking to Keita. Yukihiko calls Keita his "honey" and continues to get Keita to go on a date with him.


  • The name Keita means "open, begin" (啓) (kei) and "thick, big" (太) (ta).
  • Keita's surname Itō means "this" (伊) (i) and "wisteria" (藤) (tou).
    • Itō is an alternate transcription of Itou.

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  • Keita was born in Saitama.
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