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Hello there! My Name is DragonKestrel. I noticed you found my Wikipage,Lucky you! I welcome you with open Wings.Feefree to use any of my references and inspirations for your own characters and ideas but please don't claim my artwork your's its very rude, disrespectful, and can hurt people in many ways for the effort and time put into them! Have any art? If you want to send your art and have it published on my profile page I would be happy to do so just sign your name and picture on a messagewall or blogpost and you will be credited.You can find these drawings on the Wings of Fire Wiki and Wings of Fire Fa . Feel free to ask me questions of any sort and I will answer them the best I can.

How did you know about Gakuen Heaven? Well I decided to look threw some anime shows and got introduced with the show. I got very interested with the show having watched every episode. I decided to find out if their were any wiki's about "Gakuen Heaven" and so far their weren't any results of "Gakuen heaven" but "Gakuen Babysisters" so I decided to help create this wiki for fellow fans of the manga and anime for information on the wiki.

A few things about me: I dislike most modern day pop music. I love to read books. I draw dragons and such. I do Ice skating during the winter. I do Horse back riding. I love swimming. I . I like animals except for bugs, insects, and arachnids that are creepy. Bowling. Puzzles. Sleeping. Playing Video Games. I Love watching cartoons and such. Painting. Fishing. My Favorite Season is fall.

The meaning behind my username: I decided on the name DragonKestrel because I love dragons and Kestrel from the book series "Wings of Fire" where a female dragon is named Kestrel.

List of Pages and things Needed: Total 153

  • Gakuen-Heaven-Hamu-Hamu-Heaven/Image Gallery
  • Gakuen Heaven 1: Mirai wa Kimi no Mono (Full Length drama CD)
  • Gakuen Heaven 2: Muteki no Sannensei (Full Length drama CD)
  • Gakuen Heaven 2: Tsuyoki na Ninensei (Full Length drama CD)
  • Gakuen Heaven 2: Welcome to Heaven (Full Length drama CD)
  • Gakuen Heaven 3: Happy Paradise (Full Length drama CD)
  • Panorama (Gakuen Heaven Ending) by Masaaki Fujioka
  • Osanaki Goro no Kioku (Gakuen Heaven OST) by Nishioka Kazuya
  • Kimi wo Mamoru (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Gakuen no Asa (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Gakuen Seikatsu (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Yuugana Gogo (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Sewayakana Kaze Ni (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Itosho No (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Kimi Wo Mamoru (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Atatakana Omoide (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Osanaki Goro No Kioku (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Kanashimi No Gimonfu (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Munasawagi (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Ureutsu No Shirabe (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Soredemo Ore Wa (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Kore Ga Tonosama Da! (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Honwaka Youdamari (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Aisare Kyara (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • School Boys (Ragtime Version) (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Ryouyuu Narabi Tatazu! (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Ibara (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Otona No Kaori (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Kikenna Kizashi (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Sensaina Yasashisa (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Genkimono (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Kakenukero (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Shake (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Deaetakoto (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Iwayuru Gentleman (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Otayakana Kokoro Kaerimichi Hotto (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Nakamatachi (Gakuen Heaven OST)
  • Omi/Image Gallery
  • Yuichiro Sakaki/Image Gallery (Sakaki's brother)
  • Maseyuki Hirayama/Image Gallery (3rd year student from Okawari)
  • Haruki Kosuke/Image Gallery (BL graduate from Okawari)
  • Yusuke Ishizuka/Image Gallery (Kazuki's secretary)
  • Makoto Kida/Image Gallery (gross teacher in GH)
  • Jun Watanabe/Image Gallery (judo club member ...captain?)
  • Ryuya Niwa (Niwa's dad)/Image Gallery
  • Kazuki's Father (Manga)/Image Gallery
  • Bus Driver from GH (First Episode and chapter of Gakuen Heaven)/Image Gallery
  • Yoshitaka Kawamoto (art dealer from GH)/Image Gallery
  • Lee Ching Lam (villain from Okawari)/Image Gallery
  • Shun/Image Gallery
  • Tajima (Bassist in Reon's band)/Image Gallery
  • Yonezawa (Drummer in Reon's band)/Image Gallery
  • Gakuen Heaven 2: Magazine illustrations
  • Gakuen Heaven 2: Magazine illustrations/Image Gallery
  • Gakuen Heaven 2: Bonus Postcards
  • Keita Itō Relationships
  • Keita Itō Quotes
  • Jin Matsuoka Quotes
  • Hideaki Nakajima Quotes
  • Tetsuya Niwa Quotes
  • Yukihiko Naruse Quotes
  • Takuto Iwai Quotes
  • Arata Minase Quotes
  • Eiji Sonoda Quotes
  • Hayato Chiba Quotes
  • Hiroya Yoshizumi Quotes
  • Rajendra Ranjit Pachauri Quotes
  • Kakeru Ozawa Quotes
  • Wataru Ozawa Quotes
  • Kiyotada Jokawa Quotes
  • Yuki Asahina Quotes
  • Reon Yagami Relationships
  • Reon Yagami Quotes
  • Omi Shichijo Relationships
  • Omi Shichijo Quotes
  • Kaoru Saionji Relationships
  • Kaoru Saionji Quotes
  • Keiji Kuganuma Relationships
  • Keiji Kuganuma Quotes
  • Ken Okazaki Relationships
  • Ken Okazaki Quotes
  • Koji Shinomiya Relationships
  • Koji Shinomiya Quotes
  • Kuya Sagimori Relationships
  • Kuya Sagimori Quotes
  • Masatsugu Takato Relationships
  • Masatsugu Takato Quotes
  • Satoshi Umino Relationships
  • Satoshi Umino
  • Shunsuke Taki Relationships
  • Shunsuke Taki Quotes
  • Sojiro Sakaki Relationships
  • Sojiro Sakaki Quotes
  • Rajendra Ranjit Pachauri Relationships
  • Tomo Kasahara Relationships
  • Tomo Kasahara Quotes
  • Tonosama Relationships
  • Yukihiko Naruse Relationships
  • Joker's Grandfather Relationships
  • Ninosuke Hattori Relationships
  • Ninosuke Hattori Quotes
  • Shun Relationships
  • Shun Quotes
  • Lee Ching Lam Relationships (villain from Okawari)
  • Wakasama Relationships (Cat)
  • Yonezawa Relationships (Drummer in Reon's band)
  • Tajima Relationships (Bassist in Reon's band)
  • Yoshitaka Kawamoto Relationships (art dealer from GH)
  • Kazuki's Father Relationships (Manga)
  • Ryuya Niwa Relationships (Niwa's dad)
  • Jun Watanabe Relationships (judo club member ...captain?)
  • Makoto Kida Relationships (gross teacher in GH)
  • Yusuke Ishizuka Relationships (Kazuki's secretary)
  • Haruki Kosuke Relationships (BL graduate from Okawari)
  • Maseyuki Hirayama Relationships (3rd year student from Okawari)
  • Yuichiro Sakaki Relationships (Sakaki's brother)
  • Omi Relationships
  • Omi Quotes
  • Saki Takato Relationships
  • Nao Suzubishi (Tomo Kasahara's Older Brother) (Manga) Relationships
  • Maro the Ferret Relationships
  • Kida-Sensei (Manga) Relationships
  • Keita Itō's Mother (Manga) Relationships
  • Tomoko Itō Relationships (Manga) (Keita's younger sister)
  • MuneHiro Kagami (Manga) Relationships
  • Asano (Manga) Relationships
  • Fujita Relationships (Manga)
  • Swim club Member
  • Music club Member
  • Yonezawa (Drummer in Reon's band)
  • Tajima (Bassist in Reon's band)
  • Lee Ching Lam (villain from Okawari)
  • Yoshitaka Kawamoto (art dealer from GH)
  • Bus Driver from GH (First Episode and chapter of Gakuen Heaven)
  • Kazuki's Father (Manga)
  • Ryuya Niwa (Niwa's dad)
  • Jun Watanabe (judo club member ...captain?)
  • Makoto Kida (gross teacher in GH)
  • Yusuke Ishizuka (Kazuki's secretary)
  • Haruki Kosuke (BL graduate from Okawari)
  • Maseyuki Hirayama (3rd year student from Okawari)
  • Yuichiro Sakaki (Sakaki's brother)
  • Saki Takato
  • Nao Suzubishi (Tomo Kasahara's Older Brother) (Manga)
  • Kida-Sensei (Manga)
  • MuneHiro Kagami (Manga)
  • Gakuen Heaven- Shichijou Hen - Sweet Sweet Darling! (Manga)
  • Fujita (Manga) Quotes
  • Asano (Manga) Quotes
  • MuneHiro Kagami (Manga) Image Gallery
  • Tomoko Itō (Manga) Quotes
  • Keita Itō's Mother (Manga) Image Gallery
  • Kida-Sensei (Manga) Image Gallery

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